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Richard Fields

Personalities in Litigation Finance: Part 2

Richard Fields was not the first person in the United States to get involved in litigation financing, nor was the company he helped found, Juridica Investments, the first litigation financing company. What he did accomplish with the launch of Juridica, was to prove there was a market for commercial litigation funding… His background in litigation finance, and his depth of experience in calculating risk give him an advantage which few practicing litigators can claim.


January 19, 2018

(Litigation Finance Journal) This continuing series highlights the figures who dominate the litigation financing industry, and reveals their career accomplishments and backstories.

The Shepherd: Charles Agee

Agee has been involved with litigation finance longer than almost anyone else, having first gotten involved with the industry nearly twenty years ago. This depth of experience has served to make him uniquely qualified to play a particular role within the litigation financing industry. Read More


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